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Tips of Training your Pet

Training a pet can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right skills to do it. You can rely on the best dog shock collar to train your cat. The following is how you can train the cat.

The first training should be to train the cat to shake hands. While initiating a handshake with the cat, you must lower your body to the same level as the cat. You should be using a treat and a clicker to tap the paw of the cat and ask them to shake your hand. As the cat moves its paw, use the clicker. You can then do this over and over until the cat can respond to your words without having to tap its paw. This kind of training can be achieved better if you find the best dog shock collar. Your cat and dog can as well be trained using commands only. For instance, you need to click or make certain unique sound whenever you give the pet food. With time, the command will be able to sink into the cat and it will start responding to those commands without the action.

The best dog shock collar can be used to restrain the cat to stop it from running away while you take it for a walk. You need to train the cat to sit on command. If you have trained a dog how to sit, the procedure is pretty similar. The cat will automatically sit once you hold the treat above its head because it will be looking upwards while seated. You can then reinforce it using the clicker and treat or a good kitty to maintain the cat in that position. You may use the leashes to train your cat just like they are used on dogs. This will ensure that your cat doesn’t get lost during your walk for vanishing to the bushes. You are supposed to find a harness to use on the cat, and you need to attach it on the back and not the neck of the cat. The harness should then be left on the cat’s back for as long as the cat will feel comfortable with it. You can then introduce the leash and the best dog shock collar, then start with a silent outing.

Finally, you need to train the cat to beg. You will notice that this trick is more or less the same as that of shaking hands. You should hold the treat above the cat and let it stand on its hind limbs. You should then maintain the treat at that position using a clicker and keep saying beg as the cat struggles to get the treat until it learns the command. There are several other tricks you can achieve if you get the best dog shock collar to use in the training.