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What Goes on in the Criminal Justice System-The Corridors of Justice and Pressing to Proving Your Sexual Assault Case

Talking of the criminal justice system, this is a process that involves a wide array of activities all that range from the investigation of possible crime to the legal determination of guilt or innocence. By and large the prospect of going through the criminal justice system can seem quite overwhelming even looking at the fact that there are quite a number of the pieces and players involved in it. While this may so be the case, it is a fact that there are some of the fundamentals and hallmarks of the system that when one has a good understanding of can really serve to help them face the process better prepared having solved some of the unknowns there may be in the process. Read on and see some of the facts that you need to know of when it comes to pressing charges and proving your case for some of the crimes that may have been perpetrated against you such as sexual assault charges.

After an initial report is made to the law enforcement agencies, a victim of such crimes can choose whether or not they would love to move ahead with the investigations and this is the process referred to as pressing of charges. Having said this, notable is the fact that when it comes to such criminal cases or charges, these are in most jurisdictions taken over by the state and as such the ultimate decision as to whether or not to press charges lies in the hands of the state. In some cases, in the interest of the state, a state prosecutor may choose to move on with the pressing of the charges even with the least available evidence even where the affected may have chose not to be involved in the case.

There are however other instances where the prosecution may choose not to move on with the case. These are such cases like where they happen not to have the conviction to be able to gather evidence to warrant prosecution. These often happen to be the case in the event that the prosecution is faced with such challenges following such situations like their inability to identify the perpetrator of the crime and the like issues. While this may be so, you should never give up on the pursuit of justice when it comes to such violations and criminal acts that may have been perpetrated against you. It may as well be advisable to consider working with a local sexual assault experts and advisors for such instances of violations of your rights as in criminal cases.

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