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Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

For you to get the right ADHD treatment, you should first get evaluated by a licensed mental health care provider. During evaluations, the mental health care professional should do accurate diagnosis in various ways. The diagnostician will check your history thoroughly and gather information from sources like symptoms checklist and behavior rating scales. Adults can have different symptoms from when they were children, and they can fit in the three presentations of ADHD. The various presentation of ADHD include ADHD predominantly inattentive presentation, ADHD predominantly hyperactive-impulse presentation, and ADHD combined presentation. If you do not have symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity, you might not meet the diagnostic criteria of ADHD. The symptoms should have caused impairment such as loss of jobs, distress in marriage and poor failures in academics. Ensure that the diagnosis is done by a licensed mental health professional. To educate yourself on symptoms of ADHD, you should read the paragraphs below.

You will feel the urge to go for evaluation when you get problems in some areas of your life. It is also difficult to when you need to go for the evaluation. When you have inconsistent performance in your career, relationship problems, forgetting important things, history of academic underachievement among other things, you can consider seeing a physician for evaluation. For you to sure about ADHD, you should visit your physician for a diagnosis. Some symptoms are carried from childhood by the adult.

One of the signs of ADHD is impulsivity. It manifests in several ways including rushing through tasks, impulse buying, and being socially inappropriate. A person who has ADHD will also lack focus. When conversing with the person with ADHD, they find it difficult to listen to you and are easily distracted. It also possible for them to have hyper focus. With hyper focus, your mind focuses on one thing and forgets about the surrounding. Relationships are affected when a person has hyper focus.

Disorganization is another symptom of ADHD. You might not be able to keep everything on its rightful place. It is also difficult for an ADHD patient to manage their time effectively. With ADHD, you will show up late for important events, and procrastinate on important tasks. People who suffer ADHD forget things easily.

Another sign of ADHD is poor self-image. The impairments caused by the disease can cause poor self-image. With the implements, you will feel like a failure and demotivated to achieve. Restlessness and anxiety is also common with adults who have ADHD. ADHD can make you have sleep problems which might cause fatigue. A patient with ADHD can have other health problems because they are likely to neglect their health. Adults who have ADHD present some of the symptoms discussed in the paragraphs above.

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