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How to File for Divorce in South Carolina

The number of divorce cases is growing significantly because of the inability of couples to resolve their marital issues. The divorce process is usually guided by laws which vary from state to another. One of the preparations for filing for a divorce is learning about the laws in the state that you live. One of the states that filing for a divorce is usually an uphill task is South Carolina. If you want to succeed through the process of divorce in South Carolina, you should be aware of the laws. If you do so, you will share your assets and finances fairly. Moreover, you will not have to worry about losing child custody which can be depressing. This article is thus a guide on how to file for divorce in South Carolina.

South Carolina is known to be among the last states to permit divorce. In as much as there are laws in the state that govern the process, the divorce process still remains to be stressful, costly, and long. Also, you will be required to meet certain requirements so that you can proceed with the case. One of the requirements is that you must have lived in the state for more than one year. Alternatively, the divorce case will stand if your partner have lived in the state for more than a year.

The next important of the divorce process is the ground for divorce. The two grounds for the filing of divorce are no-fault divorce and fault divorce. No-fault divorce is a situation where the couple have lived separately for more than one year without cohabitation. Fault ground usually involve issues such as drug abuse, domestic fights, and infidelity.

If you are confident about the grounds, you should learn about the important steps that you should follow. The stressful nature of the divorce process is usually attributed by the many steps to be followed. The first thing to do is usually documenting the divorce. The documentation process usually involves getting several forms such as family court cover sheet, certificate of exemption, and financial declaration. Also, you will have to file the complaint.

After filling all the relevant forms correctly, your spouse will be summoned with a legal notice as the defendant. Some of the channels in which your spouse can be served with the legal notice include mail, sheriff’s office, and private server. After the legal notice, a court date will be established. The outcome of the case usually depends on the lawyer that you choose hence you should go for the best. The above-discuss tips are key in ensuring that you file for divorce in South Carolina with ease.