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Ways of Countering Email Security threats.

Email is a popular communication channel nowadays which is used to deliver important alerts from friends and other entities. They are a very helpful tool for communication but can also be subject to various threats which may lead to loss. It is possible for hackers to steal sensitive information from a users account or to steal their identities which they use in illegal activities. Deploying strong security measures for accessing an account is important to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Using a strong password for your account is of importance to make it hard for unauthorized persons to crack it and gain access.

Passwords made up of a long combination of both numbers, letters and other characters are usually more hard to crack. Some people may succeed in cracking a password from a separate social account and they try to use it to open other accounts such as emails. The other thing that can improve on security is using a two-step verification which mostly requires another account to verify another. To guarantee continuation of work, one should open several accounts so that you can use another account if one gets compromised.

One can also decide to open several accounts and dedicate each to a specific purpose such as for business or leisure. It is not advisable to mix all email in one account since you risk losing all the information at once when hackers gain access to the account. It should be a habit to always scan computers regularly to get rid of malicious software which may have entered without your knowledge. Some email providers have incorporated a tool that usually scans the emails for threats before opening them and they are really helpful. There are many ways of stealing data or compromising an account including sending emails that will do this upon opening.

There is a spam folder which should be used to keep any emails that seem suspicious. Links in emails should not be clicked especially if the sender is not trusted since they can lead to malicious websites. Attachments that come in emails from people not in your contacts should not be opened as they pose a risk of installing viruses into your system. Hackers have devised so many tricks to steal information including some buttons that seem harmless. It is not advisable to send and received confidential information over public WiFi and networks. The security of the public networks is not emphasized which makes them risky for users. Email providers have spam filters that collect reports from users about suspicious sites and they block them for other users.